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Family Vacation at a Beach Resort

Family vacations and holidays are a great way to spend more time with each other whilst having a really enjoyable time. It is a way to get everyone closer and bond stronger by spending quality time together. Nothing creates bonds and deepens relationships like an outdoor adventure together. At our berach resort, you will enjoy a fun and relaxing family vacation.

At Perhentian Island Resort we offer activities such as diving, snorkelling and kayaking which are not only fun and educational but a great way to spend time together. The beautiful coral reefs and the variety of sea life is a hands-on discovery experience for kids and adults especially for those interested in fish, corals, sea creatures, and adventure.

For younger children and teens, we suggest the kiddie pool as well as light activities such as building sandcastles, beach soccer, volleyball or even jungle trekking. The main attractions are of course the fabulous sea and weather. Enjoy having picnics overlooking the beautiful sea.

The sea all around Perhentian Island is a deep blue colour which invokes a sense of peace and tranquillity.

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