Terengganu Marine Park, a protected zone 26 nm north of Kuala Terengganu whose reefs burst with the largest assortment of coral species that peninsular waters have to offer. The park's abundance of well-scouted dive sites offers divers the opportunity of choosing what they want to see, almost like dishes from a menu.

Marine Park and Fisheries Protected Areas for the state of Terengganu is an area of two nautical miles extending seaward from the low water mark of the following islands:

Perhentian Besar Perhentian Kecil
Susu Dara Redang
Lima Ekor Tebu
Pinang Lang Tengah
Kapas Tenggol

Conservation Charge

This is to announce that beginning 17th July 2003, all visitors shall pay a fee for entering any Marine Park and Fisheries Protected Areas in the state of Terengganu. The rates are as follows:

Group Fees (RM)
Adult RM 5.00
Children of age between 6 to 12 years,
any person of age 56 and above, and
any disable person.
RM 2.50

The imposed fee has a validity period of three days. The fee shall be paid to Department of Fisheries Malaysia or through any chalet operator, boat operator, tour operator or dive operator who acted on behalf of the Department of Fisheries Malaysia. Visitors are advice to collect and keep the receipt through out the validity period as a proof of payment.

Provision to impose the fee is in accordance to the fees (Marine Park Malaysian Order 2003) gazetted under the Fees Act 1951. Proceeds from the feeds will be credited into the Marine Park and Marine Reserve Trust Fund established under Section 10, Financial Procedure Act 1959 and will be used for implementation of management, conservation, protection, enforcement, research, monitoring, and education programs within Marine Park and Fisheries Protected Areas in Malaysia

Do's and Don'ts in Marine Park

Provision for the establishment and management of the marine parks in the Fisheries Act 1985 allows for the control of the following activities.

Permitted Activities

Underwater photography
Observation and appreciation of the aquatic flora and fauna
Scuba Diving


Prohibited Activities (except with permission)

Water skiing, speed boat racing and jet skiing
Destruction, removal or collection of the corals and other aquatic life
Vandalizing and structure or object within the marine park
Anchoring of boats over the coral areas.
Carrying and using weapons that endanger aquatic life.
Fishing in the park vicinity. (within a 3.2km radius)
Discharging of pollutants and rubbish

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