There are no banks in Kuala Besut town or on Perhentian Islands. The nearest bank in Jerteh town which is half an hour away by car from Kuala Besut. (Note: We accept credit card and travelers cheques.)
Weekend holidays are observed on Fridays and Saturdays. All offices are closed on Friday.
Make your reservation early! Most hotels and resorts on the islands are closed during the rainy monsoon season from November to late January. However, Perhentian Island Resort is open all year round. During peak season from May to September, it can be difficult to find a place to stay. Better yet, confirm your reservation before you take your boat ride to the islands.
Purchase a disposable underwater camera! It costs a bomb to get one on the island. The best is to bring from the mainland.
Light weight or better with backpack. Forget the trolley bag, you are on an island aren't you? You want to drag it on the sands?
Unless you want to get the look of grilled lobster, bring suntan lotion. The island situated very near the equator, so it is HOT!
Convenient store is available on the island.
There are no pubs/discos on the island. Most of the time it is so silent and pure. Why not just enjoy the nature? Go star gazing on the beach, it's romantic.
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